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Active Restore is a digestive health supplement that combines Prebiotics, Anti-Inflammatory Enzymes, and a powerful mix of beneficial Probiotic bacteria. Mastic Gum, the “Tears of Chios,” works with Bromelain (from pineapples) to reduce Irritation and kill off harmful bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, while also fostering the ideal environment for Probiotics to grow and thrive. Active Restore is made, bottled, and shipped in the USA from FDA-approved laboratories and contains NO preservatives, is gluten-free, non-GMO, and is vegan-friendly.

Restore Formula

Take Active Restore Formula

Take the Strategically Selected combination of Mastics Gum, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.

Improve Digestive System

Improve Digestive System

Rebuild Your Digestive System and Restore Your Gut Flora.

Over All Body Restore

Over All Body Restore

Boost your entire body Since Your Digestive System is the Key to Great Health!

Support Digestive Health with Active Restore

  • Supports Digestive Health
  • Slow Release DRcaps
  • 400 mg Mastic Gum
  • 400 mg Bromelain
  • 20 Billion CFUs of Probiotics
  • Vegan
  • 100% Gluten Free

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90-day guarantee Made in the USA Ships within 24 hours

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Repair, Replenish, and Restore Your Gut

With Active Restore, you get a unique revolutionary formula that combines Probiotics, Prebiotics, and all-natural support for your body’s response to inflammation. This is a potent blend of all-natural ingredients is designed to optimize your digestive system in a way that it significantly improves your overall health. Active Restore aims to:

  • Repair Leaky Gut & Treat IBS
  • Support Overall Gut Health & Balance
  • Optimize Digestion
  • Reduce Indigestion, Bloating, Discomfort
  • Support a Healthy Immune System
  • Increase Energy & Support Weight Loss

What is “Mastic Gum?”

Mastic Gum is made from Mastic trees, which only grow on the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea. For just three months out of the year – June through August – these trees produce sap that can only be tapped once every 15 days. This sap gets sundried into a “gum” that has been a staple in Greek medicine for centuries. Today, science is finally catching up with ancient medicine and recognizing the potential of this rare substance.

Studies out of the University of Nottingham in England recently revealed that Mastic Gum has powerful antimicrobial abilities that allow it to neutralize the bacteria responsible for Ulcerative Colitis. Other studies, such as one out of the University of Athens in Greece, have found that Mastic Gum provides significant relief for people with Crohn’s Disease.

The beneficial effects of Mastic Gum border on miraculous. While it helps to kick out the harmful bacteria in your digestive system, it also supports the growth of helpful bacteria. As it happens, Mastic Gum is one of the most potent Prebiotic foods with up to 86% of Prebiotic fiber content.

Now, despite how scarce Mastic Gum is, it’s FINALLY available in the United States in the most comprehensive digestive health solution ever created: Active Restore.

Added Support of Bromelain & Probiotics

Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in pineapples that have incredible benefits for your digestive system and overall health. Many all-natural supplements for joint pain and arthritis contain Bromelain because it supports your body’s response to inflammation.

Similar to Mastic Gum, pineapples have been used in Central American cultures for centuries to treat indigestion and other illnesses. Bromelain is the reason why it actually works. On top of having powerful antimicrobial abilities, Bromelain’s support for inflammation response has also been widely investigated.

While Bromelain and Mastic Gum work together to Repair and Restore your digestive tract by kicking out infections and creating an ideal environment for helpful bacteria to thrive, Active Restore helps to Replenish your digestive tract with a healthy dose of Probiotics.

Active Restore delivers 20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of live Probiotic bacteria right into your digestive tract. This blend of helpful bacteria includes “Super Strains” such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum to complete my comprehensive digestive solution.

Try Active Restore and experience a Total Health Transformation for yourself…

I created this product to help the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic digestive disorders, including several of my patients. I truly believe that it is the best gut health supplement on the market and I will stand by that statement, guaranteed. 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Every order of Active Restore is backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied by your results, you can return your bottles for a full refund any time within 90 days of your purchase—no matter how much of the product you used or didn’t use. No questions asked

Give Active Restore a try today. If you aren’t satisfied with your results for any reason, contact my team by email at or by phone at 1-888-659-4456 within 90 days of your purchase and you will promptly receive a full refund—No questions asked, no hassles. I am 100% confident in my product and I want to make sure that you and your family are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Customer Reviews

  • Tammy Palmer

    5 out of 5

    My stomach was a mess.

    Every time I ate it made awful noises and I got extrememly bloated. I thought I had ulcers. I purchased Active Restore and after the second dose all that is gone. My stomach is 100% better. You won't be disappointed.

    Results may vary

  • Brian

    Miami, Florida

    5 out of 5

    I wake up every day HAPPY.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as depressed as the day I turned 50. I was going through a MAJOR rough patch in my life. I had lost my job and could no longer afford to send my kids to college. The bank was preparing to foreclose on my house. My wife had left me for a younger man with more money. I felt alone and OLD. My friends recommended I get out of the house more and go on some dates, but I never felt up for it—I was overweight and I had the worst gas CONSTANTLY. I have been taking Active Restore for 5 months now and it has completely changed my life. My weight is down 13 lbs, I almost never have gas, I feel happy and energized every day, and I have a HOT new girlfriend that totally makes my wife jealous. I call that a win. Good job, Dr. Contreras.

    Results may vary

  • Darlene

    Austin, Texas

    5 out of 5


    My doctors have always told me that there’s nothing that can be done about my irritable bowel syndrome…I have been told multiple times that I would just have to learn to live with the constant bowel pain, gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea…I changed my diet, tried probiotics, fiber supplements. I even tried behavioral therapy! I might have gotten a little bit of relief here and there, but never for very long…Nothing has worked as well as Active Restore. THANK YOU DR. CONTERAS FOR FINALLY MAKING MY LIFE LIVEABLE AGAIN

    Results may vary