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Active Restore 90 Day Guarantee

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Active Restore tackles chronic irritation in the digestive tract and the body, then fosters an environment where healthy Probiotics can grow and thrive.


Improve Digestive System

Active restore will repair, replenish, restore your digestive system. In just a few week, you will experience optimized & healthy digestion, enhanced immune system and boosted energy.


Transform Your Health

The Mastic Gum and Bromelain in Active Restore will support healthy digestion and kill much of the harmful bacteria, while the Probiotics will Actively Restore your gut flora for an optimized digestive system.

Active Restore Goal

Dr. Roberto Contreras

Always taking care of others, I made it my mission to ease your digestive issues and help you experience my Total Health Transformation so could feel like a new person, with more energy. I want your life to become easier and I want you to be able to smile more often. My goal is for you to not even remember how life was before, when you had to keep your food in check to avoid more pain and discomfort… I wish you to enjoy social gatherings and family dinners soon. I wish you to be happy.